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Mother, wife,

 sister, female entrepreneur, lawyer, speaker, author and friend

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Kecia Clarke’s life philosophy is centered on the principle of living your best life despite life’s obstacles. She empowers women to fall deeply in love with themselves by using the tools and strategies she’s been sharing with women for over 20 years. She empowers females across the globe to build the lifestyles they desire by taking the self love journey together and by collaborating with dynamic women who truly desire to make a change in their lives.

Having successfully written six inspiring books in the past, Kecia makes the self love journey simple and achievable. She works exclusively with female go getters, achievers and entrepreneurs who are ready to “stop settling and start loving”.

Through the power of digital marketing, Kecia equips business women to embrace the fact that the most important relationship in their life is the relationship they have with themselves.
With more female entrepreneurs, go getters and achievers than ever before, Kecia believes the self love journey is “truly a shero’s journey” and has worked to foster a community of fabulous females who are active “lovers”.

After her divorce and her decision to fall deeply in love with herself, Kecia relocated from the hustle and bustle of West Orange to her dream home in Towaco New Jersey, where she lives her lifestyle dream with her adoring new husband, Ernst, her three children and her lovely pooch, Carlo!

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Our philosophy is centered on the principle of ‘loving’ and with this we empower females around the world to build the lifestyle they truly desire by “taking the self love journey together”