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Work with Kecia Clarke Lifestyle Expert & Author

Let Kecia Clarke personally provide you with her expert lifestyle insights on interior design, travel, fitness motivation, wellness and female empowerment. Work with Kecia to design your next major room renovation in your home or hire tap her to plan your next luxury destination travel itinerary around the world.

Brand Ambassador

As your “Brand Ambassador” or spokesperson, you’ll have quality content, beautiful pictures, and engaging marketing across all social media channels. You can also sponsor Kecia to represent your brand at events and conferences.

Who do I work with? Brands with integrity and strong customer-focused reputations.

Brand Ambassador: Interior Design, Lifestyle, Travel, Women’s Issues

§ Interior Design: Home décor, home furnishings, entertaining and organization

§ Healthy cooking at home

§ Beauty and Healthy Lifestyle Products

§ Home + garden, DIY projects

§ Travel

§ Fitness motivation


Whether your goal is awareness, sales or developing your brand, I can create content that positions your product as a must-have for the modern lifestyle.

Sponsored content on this site comes in a variety of shapes and sizes—including recipe development, DIY projects, reviews & giveaways and social media amplification. We can work something up that works with your strategy and budget and, most importantly, truly resonates with my loyal followers (a.k.a. your new customers). Our sponsored content is engaging and informative, and most importantly, features your home & lifestyle brand front-and-center.


Easy and effective. Place an ad on and know you’re reaching thousands of savvy, consumerss who love home decorating, travel, fitness, wellness, helpful lifestyle tips and products that make life easier.

Options include banner ads and ad tiles in a variety of sizes across all sections of the site. Sidebar ads can be targeted towards specific sections or content. Advertising packages can be purchased month-to-month with no contracts or obligations.

Fees available upon request