Wise up Janay Rice! The World Has Seen Your A$$!

Running back Ray Rice was released by the Baltimore Ravens and suspended indefinitely by the NFL today after a shocking video released by TMZ shows the NFL star knocking out his future wife and then treating her lifeless body with such disdain and disrespect that everyone should be shocked…and disgusted.

NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, had originally given Rice a two-game ban which stirred much controversy as being too lenient. After seeing Rice’s disgusting criminal display on video, he had no choice but to heighten the punishment

The new video shows Rice punching Janay Palmer, who was his fiancée at the time, inside an elevator at a hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey, seven months ago. Inside the elevator, Rice punches Palmer. Palmer lunges after Rice, and then Rice throws a knockout punch causing her to hit her on the railing in elevator as she falls to the floor.

What happens next is so disturbing. He drags her lifeless body out of elevator with her dress hiked up over her buttocks. He drops her on her face while she is unconscious, kicks her leg out of way, takes her shoe off and then proceeded to lift her partially twice and both times dropped her face to floor. He showed no remorse for his egregious behavior. In fact, he seemed like he may have wanted to continue beating her and was mad she was unconscious.

First, why the did the NFL give such a lenient punishment in the first place before seeing the footage inside the elevator? Rice should have been compelled to come with the video to the NFL meeting to prove his assertion as to what really happened. He clearly misled the league and his team.

Second, Come on Janay Rice! Do you see how your husband treated you while you were knocked out? It’s bad enough you still married him after the beat down, but now, what will you do?? Will you stay with a man who will knock you out and then treat your body like garbage and with such disrespect? The whole world has seen your a$$- And he could have cared less.

Marrying him was not a good idea, It was indeed a bad idea. Staying married to him is a really bad idea. Any incentive you had to marry such an abuser has certainly been diminished. Do yourself a favor and find someone who loves you and proves it every day. My heart goes out to you because seeing this video must make you sick. It certainly makes the rest of us sick. I urge you to seek family support from your friends and family who love you during this difficult time. We are on your side.


In the aftermath of this occurrence, Commissioner Goodell said the league will institute a six-game unpaid suspension for personnel who violate the league’s personal conduct policy when it relates to domestic violence. A second domestic violence incident would be punished by a lifetime ban from the league.

As always, be happy,