Work for Strong, Not Skinny!

Hey everyone! As you might know, I’m a big advocate of weight training. Still, so many women today believe they’ll get “too buff” from lifting a few dumbbells. (Sorry ladies, but no one stumbles into a kettle bell and ‘accidentally’ gets too much muscle.) It takes a long time and a lot of work to develop that kind of physique, and you can always look into something like breast implants in Baltimore if you feel that you’re starting to look too masculine, then you can have the figure you want as well as formidable strength. I thought I’d compile some of the top reasons weight training NEEDS to be a part of every gal’s workout routine. After all, no one wants skinny, we all yearn for fit!

1. Muscle is Useful

So often we forget that working out is literally for our health, not just to look good in photos at all the summer weddings you’ll be attending. Having more muscles means you’ll be all round healthier and you’ll be so much more functional, healthy, and active. Utilizing functional fitness workouts could help you to move throughout the world in an improved way. Don’t be that person whose arm is sore after a day of playing frisbee with the kids. Make sure all your muscles stay active, and everyday tasks will be that much easier.

2. Lifting Boosts your BMR

High-intensity weight lifting is proven to boost your basal metabolic rate (BMR) for about 24-hours after you workout. And if you’re anything like my girlfriends, you’ll do anything to speed up your metabolism, so what are you waiting for?

3. Calories in, Calories out, and Ratio

While it is true losing weight is nothing more than calories in vs. calories out, simply running on the treadmill will not get you the results you desire. Your body fat to muscle ratio still needs to be addressed to avoid the dreaded skinny-fat (someone who weighs little, but still looks flabby or chubby due to their unfortunate lack of muscle.) On top of being extremely useful, muscle simple looks good.

4. Weights Could Save Your Bones

Osteoporosis is a huge problem for aging women. Why not combat bone loss now before it’s too late. Regular weight lifting actually increases bone density, keeping your bones safe from everyday falls and tumbles, and your risk lower for osteoporosis.

There are SO many more reasons why you should weight train, but if you’re anything like me speeding up your metabolism, living a long healthy life, and looking good are pretty much my main motivators. In fact, looking god and keeping fit landed me a gig as a brand ambassador for a custom swimsuit line! Kecia Clarke wearing Pashe swimwear

Lifting more weight than you ever dreamed you could is such a satisfying feeling, and I know every rep is one step closer to a better body.

I’m all about staying in-tune with your body, having your body transform to its best is way cool! Each morning, I look at my tummy and think to myself, “damn, you look good!”. I am no different than anybody else who hates going to gym but when I get there, It’s beast mode all the way! Soreness means I did my thing!

Live your best life! Fitness is a Way of Life

The Talk Boss, Kecia Clarke

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