What’s Going on with the #Talkboss??

This week I thought I’d update everyone on all the goings on in the #TalkBoss world, and what to look forward to My new book, Inspired By Design is nearing production end! I won’t give too much away, but this one is ALL about interior design and how our homes are our haven. There’s no place like home! I am anxious to share my book with the world. For those of you who don’t know, I have a website , Uniquedesignlighting.com. That website showcases designer lighting to make any home shimmer and shine. Many pictures contained in my new book illustrate what I have available for sale to you! While all of my books inspire everyone to live their best life, this book takes that one step further. Do you remember where you were on September 11, 2001? Of course you do! Do you remember what you did last week? Probably not! I explore tragedy and the way it makes us feel when we reach our front door.

The August issue of MJM Magazine is here! #talkboss answers questions candidly. There is a two page spread with photos! This magazine is available on newsstands and a digital version is available at magcloud.com . Search for Mocha J Magazine!

I’ll be wrapping up my Summer Recipe Series this week! , but check out my twists on Shrimp & Sausage and Quinoa Unfried Rice to get all that cooking in before the end of summer! (As always, you’ll still I do have a Pinterest AND a Twitter! I love pinterest! Most of you have ‘liked’ my Facebook page, and we have a great community going on over there. If you’re a lover of the insanely-addicting bookmarking site Pinterest, please follow me! If you want to see some great stuff to motivate, please, please check out my career board! In addition, if you have a strong opinion about the site or are just a Pin it! Lover, check out my Pinterest blog post this week and join the conversation. I would love to follow my friends and audience back!

Contest!!!!!!! I know you all know about it! You get to choose the book cover for the new book, Inspired by Design!!!! You must ‘like’ my talkboss-keciaclarke Facebook page to participate in the fun! The book cover with the most votes wins! All who vote for winning book cover receive a prize and become eligible to win a free lighting fixture from uniquedesignlighting.com if they subscribe to the Talkboss newsletter!

I hope you all loved my HLN appearance last week (psst you can look forward to more Television appearances in September! ) As always, I appreciate all the support and compliments you have all shown me. You all make me happy each day. I am blessed to be able to inspire all to live their best life– no matter what curve ball life throws at you!

Live abundantly!

-Kecia Clarke #TalkBoss