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If you are a professional over 35, single and love to travel, let me introduce the best travel for single professionals on the move! Want a vacation with a difference, here are some of the best adult playgrounds in the world where you can meet single professionals just like yourself. This blog illustrates the destinations the Talk boss feels are for single men and women traveling with the purpose of meeting new people, having new experiences and creating memories of a lifetime! So let’s get started! I would be remiss if we did not begin with Amsterdam!


Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Freewheeling Amsterdam” as the perfect vacation playground for singles. Not that my readers are interested but few things are off-limits in the Netherlands — from drugs to prostitution — which promises for nights wilder than Vegas. Check out for detailed information on Amsterdam fun! The Sex Museum, the Red Light District and Amsterdam’s notorious “coffee shops” attract rebels and free spirits. For these reasons, Amsterdam is known as the “Disneyland for Adults.”

It is no secret that sex sells, and the Red Light District is living proof of this. Sex and sensuality can be seen around every corner, with fetish clubs and strip shows attracting tourists from all over the world. In Amsterdam there is an abundance of opportunities to witness fetish performers dressed in animal costumes (check out this guide from loveplugs for more information), or more traditional lingerie style garments depending on your personal proclivities.

However, for those less naughty and a lot tamer – Amsterdam offers 1000-plus bridges, 160 canals, historic architecture and quaint city streets that have inspired many a Van Gogh painting. As for my experience, Rembrandt Square is perfect for lunch time people watching and nightlife galore! Stop into Smoky Joe’s café for a delight and awesome fun! Amsterdam has many wonderful hotels along the rivers where many can be seen having morning tea and coffee on their boats. So picturesque! One of my most favorite places to visit! There were no children in sight my entire stay of 5 days! Everyone rides bikes everywhere in the business suits and dresses. So chic! Everyone just seemed happy! I wonder why?




With a reputation for bikinis, beaches, and beautiful bodies, a visit to Miami is sure to put you in the mood for love, or at least a fling. But it’s not just sun and sand – Miami is also a diverse, cosmopolitan city with plenty of options for a singles vacation. Try salsa lessons to pick up some dance moves (as well as a date), check out the thriving gay scene, visit a bookstore with music and readings if you’re literary-minded, and hit the dance clubs to rub shoulders with celebrities. The culturally inclined can also check out the newly hip galleries and art scene – perfect for chatting up artsy types.


When staying in Miami, choose grown and sexy hotels like the , , or to avoid the young crowd if that is your desire. I have stayed at all of these wonderful hotels except for Epic which I am excited to say I will visit by Month’s end! For some great fun, see to see why Miami is best destination for single Halloween fun!!



Ibiza is the party capital of the world, it does not matter what age you are this is the place to be if you want to party and meet professional singles for fun in the Mediterranean sun. The party capital of the world attracts many UK and American celebrities who want to party. With the sunny adult holiday resort attracting some of the best DJs in the world, clubs are open to the early morning for people to dance the night away. Ibiza is one of the most fabulous places I have ever traveled to! I was mesmerized by Club Amnesia Ibiza! A global nightclub, one of the largest in the world! What an experience I will never forget! Laughing gas sold by waitresses for 7 euro for 3 seconds of euphoria! Lights, cameras, action, robots everywhere!

When most people are getting up and having breakfast, in Ibiza this is the time when partygoers are on the way home.

Playa Del Carmen, Yucatan Peninsula Mexico

This is gorgeous exotic coastline to relax after each day hiking through Mayan ruins and Archaeological excavation sites. Lush Eco-friendly Jungle Canopies made with rope bridges. The Discovery Jungle theme recreational area that features a butterfly pavilion stored with unique vegetation, and an aquarium. To leave long-lasting memories, it will be lovely to get a guided excursion through the Xcaret under-ground canals.

Sambru National Park Kenya

If you love the idea of a vacation in an East African Plains, Sambru National Park is just perfect. Travel on a Safari with the elephants and Zebras, this country is a wild life and nature lover dream come to reality. Horseback riding near the Nairobi wildlife park can get you good quality views of some of Africa’s wildest animal species, such as warthogs and antelopes on the way to Giraffe Manor for a night time lodging.



Palau is a sovereign island country that is a protectorate of the United States of America. Located on the western most corner of Micronesia, it is closer to the Philippine Island of Mindanao than it is to the other surrounding islands in the Micronesian chain.

Palauans are boastful of their island and their tradition. Inland natural jungle is protected even though most of the reefs areas around the island are restricted for fishing so as to protect the marine population.

St. Lucia Adventure Spot

Ever thought of cruising? Hiking on volcanoes? This travel destination is just right for singles and sexy travelers. Tranquil Rainforests waterfalls along the numerous bike routes are the tradition. And be prepared for some local history when checking out some of the 18th century colonial damages. Most importantly you will enjoy having a meal in one of the amazing tree restaurants.

Kyoto Japan

Japanese history pervades the whole area of Kyoto. This unique city has centuries old historic temples, paintings and artworks. Expose yourself in the culture and custom of classic world Japan. Check out the real world Geishas and their apprentices. Wander off in the serenity of the over 355,000 sq. ft. of superb landscapes.

Atlantis Resort and Casino, Bahamas

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This is Paradise in the form of holiday resort; experience the lost civilization of Atlantis at this $850 million dollar Casino and Resort. Well over twenty thousand guest rooms of all degrees of rooms, such as buffet, excellent dining, diner style, dining places and bars. There are 11 natural exhibit lagoons in total to watch and study more than fifty thousand diverse animal species.

Paris France

Paris is among the most notable cities on the planet (historically and culturally). Discover and check out the arts of the ages at the renowned Louvre gallery and museum. Check out the home of the celebrated Hunchback of Notre Dame and enjoy the scenery of Paris from the wonder which is the Eiffel Tower. Dazzling light show each nite through the summer months! The tower twinkles like a million diamonds!

South Island, New Zealand

You are going to be will be blown away by different activities and in New Zealand’s southern Island. It is advisable to rent a camper van and drive cross country. You have unlimited activities to undertake, like bungee jumping, paragliding, and Zorbing. Zorbing is rolling down hills in giant inflated balls.

Las Vegas

Popular for the twinkling lights and gigantic casinos, this is an excellent travel destination for singles looking to catch fun. Obtain a spin at Caesars palace for casino, or simply pay a visit to many bars and clubs along the strip to party until its evening.

Las Vegas the place that never sleeps. Las Vegas is not just the casino capital of the world; it is fast becoming the best adult playground in the universe. In Vegas, men and women are more eager to party with strangers than most other places around the world.

Montreal Canada

Single people from all over the world visit Montreal Canada, looking for an experience they will never forget. There are lots of bars with live music and strip bars if that takes your fancy. Montreal attracts stag and hen parties from all corners of the world, making it one big adult playground where everyone wants to party.

I hope you enjoyed this blog! I would never steer you all wrong!

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