Top 5 Items the Most Successful People Have on their Desk

The world’s most successful people invest a considerable amount of their time doing what they love. They go to an office each day to  work on their hustle and grind. They are loving what they do and doing what they love! The most successful have learned to become prosperous off their passions. Some may call it work but they call it passion.  Nonetheless, they spend considerable time at their desk or in their office. Many of them are bound to their offices; even their work stations reflect their personalities much better than their homes.

Though many successful people leave their offices thoroughly clean and tidy, others would rather fill their office with information and colors. Some may decorate their office with jaw-dropping scenes that other employees do not get to enjoy. That is, your office décor and contents can tell more about the person than anything else.

Here are the top 5 items the most successful people have on their desk:



This is an overview of the essential commitment underlying their work. It serves as a great reminder of their to-do list. It may come in the shape of a picture, a framed document,  a handwritten note or a plaque. It’s prominently displayed to see each day.   The mission statement is never hidden but there for the world to see. Those who have mission statements are very proud of their mission statements. It is what made them the success they are today. So they show it off.  All who enter his domain shall also be inspired in the same manner it inspired the success of so many.



Time is of the essence to successful people. That  is why they keep a calendar on their desk for events, occasions, meetings, conferences etc. This allows them to do basic scheduling at the quickest glance.  Yes, having on your blackberry may have some use; but there’s nothing wrong with good ole school. My month at a glance is a life saver!



Successful people keep a bulletin board as an inspiration board upon which they put key flyers, cards, quotes, goals, desires and items to be acquired.


It reminds them of where they are heading to in life and how far they are willing to go. A vision board is critical to success.  Don’t know how to start a vision board?  Go to . YOU MUST HAVE A VISION BOARD!



Surprise! Yes successful people also have role models and they keep pictures of them on their desk. This serves as motivation that keeps them going. They also value their family to remind them of why they do what they do.

They hang pictures of anyone who exemplifies grace and success and will inspire them just by seeing them. Some of them are religious so they hang up an image of Jesus or the Buddha, or the Earth, or any spiritual symbol that touches them. They are role models too after all!


happy success  symbol        happy buddha

Successful people surround themselves with a couple tasteful objects and awards that represent their achievements.  Pictures of them on large boats with the catch of the day;  pictures receiving an award; pictures with dignitaries etc.  It reminds them of their achievements and the life they have created through their hard work. They serve as a motivation to keep it up!

Live abundantly,   Kecia  #talkboss