Tis the Season For Chic and Glamorous Decor – Happy Holidays!

Decorating for the Christmas holidays can be a daunting task but the results of my labor are worth the joy on my children’s faces when they see the results!  Decorating your home can be fun if you just think outside the box! Since Christmas is right around the corner, check out these ideas sure to delight and spark more of the Holiday spirit! Wreaths, garland, trees and ribbons, ornaments and lights! Oh my!

Don’t let stress over Christmas decorating make you lose the Christmas spirit.  Check out these chic  and stylish ideas!



Make an ornament wall!

This is my favorite! Talk about a conversation piece! And all you need is ribbon, ornaments, and a staple gun. It’s a bit time-consuming, but the result is a contemporary holiday piece.

Use pictures instead of name tags on your presents


This is a small, personal addition that will make your presents a design element and touch your loved ones this holiday season.




Why spend all that time on wrapping gifts to perfection if you aren’t going to show them off? Line your staircase with presents in various fun patterns for a simple but chic decor idea, as shown in this vignette from Craftberry Bush.

Ditch the usual ribbon and top your gift with a pretty piece of greenery. It’s an unexpected but beautifully rustic look, as shown in these gift wrappings by These Four Walls.

Put your stockings in different places

For Christmas dinner, you can put your family members’ stockings on their respective chairs. Or, consider putting them on your entryway staircase. The options are endless! Place them on towel racks in your bathroom or doorknobs in entry ways and hallways.


Try an alternative Christmas tree

Experiment with different color trees and ornaments!

tree tree4



If you  have extra rolls of wallpaper and you have an especially important gift to wrap, use wallpaper. “More expensive, but, there are amazing pattern options that I use for my wrapping paper,” designer Scot Meacham told House Beautiful. “The wallpaper is a much stronger weight than regular wrapping paper, so there are never any issues with the paper tearing.”  Lovnig this idea!  Thanks Scot!





Take inspiration from nature for your decorating scheme. “Use fresh evergreen boughs, garlands and wreaths combined with in-season citrus like lemons, tangerines and oranges,” says designer Tobi Fairley. ” It will give your home a beautiful natural look, and it smells heavenly.”

Scatter “presents” around your home

A super easy and cost-friendly option to spread a little Christmas cheer. You can use leftover boxes from your Christmas shopping.


Limit your color scheme to two or three colors and choose elements with clean lines to create a truly unique holiday display.


And in focusing on the table, feel free to deviate from the standard red-and-green. “Rather than the traditional red and green scheme, try something new like a fabric in malachite and hot pink peonies,” says designer Grant Gibson. “Layer in black and white for a graphic pop. The plates [here] are antique French.”

Decorate your piano


Drape some garland over the top of your piano or set up a Christmas village display and you have a Christmas-carol-ready instrument!


Add an unexpected element to your traditional decor scheme. “With Christmas decorating, you have to give it a little quirk… a little personality,” says designer Summer Thornton. “One thing I do which always stirs conversation is hanging ornaments from my chandeliers. It’s easy to do and adds some great color to the room.”

Hang ornaments from your windows with matching ribbons

A simple way to add a bit of holiday whimsy to your window treatments.


 Don’t forget to decorate the inside of your front door!


Many people put garland around the outside, but you can be a trendsetter by placing garland around the inside of your door! Now you can remind people of the holiday spirit as they come and go!

Even if you won’t be roasting chestnuts over an open fire, it doesn’t mean the space has to be neglected. Place some wrapped boxes (or suitcases, like in the picture) for a wonderfully festive display.

SO ADD SOME CHIC AND GLAMOUR TO YOUR HOLIDAY DECOR! Don’t you just love these ideas?? So what are you waiting for? Start decorating!  Merry Christmas!!


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