The Tale of Two Islands – Santorini and Mykonos Part I

Greece was everything I had imagined. It was as beautiful as every picture I saw on Pinterest when doing my research on these wonderful islands. I have to admit that Greece is now my most favorite place to be in the world! I honestly became very aware of who I am as a woman and Santorini took me to a mind altering state which only underscored what it is I REALLY want in my life.

This is me overlooking the spectacular Caldera from my fabulous hotel, Cosmopolitan suites.

The islands of Greece are a rugged type of beauty, full of rocky cliffs, breath-taking sights, and winding roads and paths. My friend recommended visiting Crete next time, the largest island in Greece. She also mentioned that anyone visiting the island might be interested in renting a vehicle for their holiday from somewhere like, car hire allows you to explore the island at your own pace! If you do choose to visit the Greek islands, you’ll be happy to know the people are friendly, the food is delicious, and the lifestyle on the islands is different than anything I have yet experienced. As a brown girl, I was made to feel very welcome as I suspect they know the plight of brown girls here in the USA. We are special there. We get stares admiring our beauty, our exoticness. The moment you smile back, like opening your arms, the Greeks become your best friend!

Santorini and Mykonos

So I traveled with my younger beautiful cousin to these beautiful islands to both Santorini and Mykonos, and I will state right off the cuff that the islands are distinct in many ways but equally as beautiful. They are both very different in their vibes, culture, and lifestyle.

This is a two-part blog series that will focus on each island individually because they are both so special in their own way! My cousin and I visited the romantic island of Santorini first and then we went to Party town, Mykon0s. Oh what a ride!

So let’s start with Santorini!


Santorini and romance go hand in hand. When you mention Santorini to a Greek, they say, “Ah, the romantic island!”. There have not only been many destination weddings on this island but I’ve seen many videos of the most profound proposals at beautiful wineries on Santorini. Please check out these proposals videotaped by my Greek friend who I will know for a lifetime. You want to impress the love of your life? Propose on this most beautiful island.

Santorini is perfect for a honeymoon as the sunsets are to die for, the dinner cruises are simply amazing and the island is mesmerizing. Most of the luxury hotels are so intimate having only 5-10 rooms! We stayed at the most luxe 5 star small boutique hotel –Cosmopolitan Suites! This hotel is drop dead gorgeous! The view of the caldera is jaw dropping and the infinity pool overlooking the Aegean Sea is steps from your room.

Breakfast with a view

Perched on the lip of the Caldera, Cosmopolitan Suites small luxury hotel in Santorini stands out. It has an astonishing sea view right, and best of all is is literally in the centre of Fira, the vivacious capital of Santorini Island in Greece. This small luxury hotel in Santorini is an excellent choice for discerning guests and for couples seeking luxury Caldera view accommodation and tailor-made service in the enchanting Santorini Island of the Cyclades islands complex in Greece.

The Cosmopolitan boutique sea view hotel in Fira is ideally situated close to the capital’s restaurants and bars, with easy access to all public transportation and the island’s cable car providing great links to Santorini’s most renowned attractions. Hey! You can always take a donkey! Cosmopolitan is the perfect relaxing holiday accommodation for anyone wishing to explore the Cyclades island of Santorini and experience the island’s legendary nightlife. Check out my pictures below!

The island of Santorini is long and narrow, with rocky mountainous cliffs on one side, and the shore on the other, lined with beaches of black and red volcanic sand. We stayed in Fira (Thira) which is THE place to stay if you want a great night life! It’s a popular town on the island, filled with many restaurants and a night life and it sits on the cliff-y side of the island, about halfway between Perissa and Oia. Oia (pronounced eey-a) is wonderful for sightseeing, dining and shopping that ranges from high end and handmade to typical souvenir shops.

Traveling on this island is easy. Walking is the first option as many restaurants and clubs are situated on roads where cars are not allowed. These “roads” are not roads at all, more like allies and paths filled with wonderful stores and restaurants. If you want to travel on scooter or ATV, that’s cool too! But beware as streets are very narrow. They are also not allowed on the alleys.

I fell in love with Santorini. The views of the Caldera ,, the food, the people and the beaches are magnificent! Oh…and the sunsets…like no other. The most beautiful place I have ever witnessed.

My fav restaurant

We dined in wonderful restaurants, but this particular restaurant was awesome! In fact, we dined here multiple times for lunch and dinner.

Argos – Santorini, Fira

Overlooking the breathtaking view of the unique Santorini Caldera you will be overwhelmed by strong emotions. On the different levels of Argo restaurant in Fira, you will enjoy your lunch or dinner with suggestions from an inspired menu that emphasizes in seafood, Mediterranean flavours without missing international touches.

This restaurant is a no brainer. Beautiful views, best food and atmosphere!

So when is the best time to travel to Santorini? The best time is September. The weather is still hot enough to enjoy the beach, less crowds, prices tend to drop on accommodations and even dining! July and August can be so crowded on those narrow allies that it can become unbearable. It’s also extremely hot those summer months. Plan to stay a minimum of three nights before going to another island. I will be back in September so I’ll see you there!

After spending three glorious nights in Santorini, we packed our bags and headed over to the fabulous swanky, expensive, beautiful island of Mykonos!

This is Part One of The Tale of Two Islands. Please stay tuned for Part 2- MYKONOS!