Talkboss Appears on The Giblin Report

I am honored to discuss my new book, Between the Pages of a Passport on The Giblin Report! Being able to share my reason for writing this inspiring travel hacking book is meaningful because I know that the root to fundamental happiness is to create your own!  The talkboss blog inspires women through F I T! That’s fitness, interior design and travel! It is well known that when we look good, we feel good. When our homes are in order and contain inspiring and comfortable rooms, it evokes a special feeling. When we see the world, it changes who we are for the better.



I believe that no matter what hurdles we jump over in life, we must all continue to care for ourselves, be comfortable in our skin  and hustle for what we truly desire…no matter what it is. I am inspired daily by the comments and compelling stories that are shared with me. If I touch one person, I’ve done my job. My talkboss blog was designed to give great ideas on making your life easier and more fun! It’s so exciting to share everything lifestyle with my subscribers! To be inspired,  click here!

You see, not all motivational books have to be the same! I provide inspiration while I share some great tips and secrets on how to do the things that will most definitely enrich your life!  I don’t just say, to travel is to live! I show how to travel so you can live! I don’t just say that each room in your house should inspire a certain feeling. I tell you how to decorate each room to evoke the feeling YOU want. You see, I don’t leave you wondering,  how?  The talkboss does research so you do not have to.

I look forward to this one on one interview with Assembly Tom Giblin tomorrow at 11:00 am EST. Check your local listings!

Live your best life!

Kecia, talkboss