Stilettos and Italy! Fashion Envy

As New York fashion week comes to a close, I thought it might be nice to discuss fashion in my travel related blog! Along with London, Paris and New York, Milan and Rome are on the list of the most famous fashion centers of the world. Elegance is in the Italian blood, and most Italians would undoubtedly give up comfort in order to achieve it. Think stilettos on a cobblestone street! Italy is a nation that cherishes outward appearances. Italians would expect you to have well-groomed hair, an impeccable sense of dressing and a pair of shoes to die for! So it is no wonder that some of the world’s best designers are from Italy! Did you know that the police uniforms in Italy are designed by Armani?? Italians are impeccable dressers and having been to Milan, Naples, Florence, Capri, Sorrento, and the entire Amalfi coast, I can tell you that traveling truly enriches your life by virtue of you just being there! You morph into a better you! I can discuss the best restaurants to dine in with the most avid traveler. When I travel, I look for the best places to go.  Where did Woody Allen dine???   I just happened to be dining next to him and Annette Bening years ago on my first trip to Rome with my husband.   You see, when you do your homework, success is guaranteed each time.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Travel influencers are in the know and they talk about the best places for shopping, romance, the off the beaten path eateries where celebrity sightings are guaranteed, and how to travel with a purpose!   I urge you to read my book, How to Enrich your Life through Travel because you will undoubtedly be inspired to book your next trip with a purpose and plan! To be a more worldly you!!!


Sorrento Shopping


When I start to plan my European vacations, I search for the best restaurants, best shopping areas and most luxurious accommodations!  It sets a bar, a standard… for that which our hearts desire.  Setting the bar high allows you a comparison of the places you can afford. You learn the amenities and perks that are important to you and those you can live without. Going to Italy is an experience filled with history and shopping, shopping and did I say shopping?  If fashion interests you, and I think it does, do find out if your visit coincides with any fashion exhibits or public fashion shows in Rome or Milan. Visit for fabulous information to have when searching for fashion exhibits and shopping in Italy!

When you are in Rome make sure you visit the Vatican City but you must go to the original stores of all the Italian designers. You will not only see little old ladies in Italian villages while on vacation in Italy but when you arrive you will quickly realize that Italians have a very high fashion sense, care very much about their looks and are very sophisticated especially in Rome and Milan. As the talkboss quips constantly, “When you look good, you feel good!”  You must visit the famous shopping strip Via Montenapoleone in Milan. Here you will find boutiques for Chanel, Dolce e Gabbana and Fendi (love Fendi!!) along with numerous others. Even if your budget does not allow you to purchase anything, this will make for an unbelievable window shopping experience during your vacation in Italy. Many of these boutiques are open from 10 am till 7 pm Tuesdays through Saturdays with shorter hours on Mondays and are closed on Sundays.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Stunning Coast from Anacapri – What a sight!

Italy is especially known for its high fashion industry or “haute couture” and the runway fashion shows that the designers use to debut their new collections each season. The houses of Valentino and Fendi originated in Rome while the houses of Prada, Versace and Armani originated in Milan. With near perfect craftsmanship, Italian fashions are said to rival those of France and many people even feel the Italian fashions are superior.

During your Italy vacation you may hear of AltaRoma, an organization that has been responsible for putting Italian designers on the map over the years through its yearly fashion shows. These fashion shows feature established designers as well as new designers. They are closed to the general public but AltaRoma also organizes another event that is open to everyone. If your Italy vacation is in mid July the Donna Sotto del Stelle is worth catching. It means “Woman under the Stars.” It is an open air fashion event that takes place at the Piazza de Spagna in Rome and features several newer designers.

To further take in the couture culture during your vacation in Italy, you should also visit the most prominent fashion school in Rome.  Visit This school has produced some very talented new designers and usually has fashion exhibits and shows open to the public. Valentino also opened a fashion school in 1990 which also hosts some fashion and art shows open to the general public.

I love Italy and find vacationing in Italy to be a treat no one should miss. The shopping is insane and the designer fashions are less expensive than in the states!

As always, travel with a purpose as we only go around once, so enjoy! #liveyourbestlife

Kecia Clarke #talkboss