Cooking for Heart, Health and Youthful Skin!

We all know to eat our veggies and steer clear of the salt shaker, but what about those foods that actually prevent illnesses and diseases? You don’t have to worry about taking 10 supplements a day. In fact, these 6 surprising foods that prevent illness are probably already in your kitchen!

1. Salmon

Fish combats early kidney disease, reduces risk of heart attack and stroke AND relieves migraines. Any fish will do, though Salmon is particularly great for getting those Omega-3 fatty acids (improving heart health) into your diet. Not to mention delicious!

2. Garlic

Garlic is heart friendly, fights hypertension, reduces bad cholesterol levels from 305 to 218 over 60 days. Check out the facts!

3. Kale

Kale boosts your immune system and actually has MORE calcium than milk?! Almost unbelievable, I know. You can incorporate a day’s worth of calcium right in your salad!

4. Milk

While you can still get calcium through kale, did you know milk and apples prevent dental cavities. An apple a day may not always keep the doctor away, but it might reduce those dreaded visits to the dentist!

5. Mint

Mint treats menstrual cramps and migraine headaches. So many of us are already accustomed to the flavor, so why not throw a little extra into your dishes when its that time of the month?

6. Bee Pollen

Before you run away sneezing, did you know bee pollen has OUTSTANDING benefits for maintaining healthy and youthful skin? Don’t believe me? It’s all explained in Fabulous Foods for Health and Healing, a great new book by yours truly, the Talk Boss. The book explores all these 6 foods in depth AND so much more!

This book encourages you to live your best life and feeling great is a fundamental part of abundant living. You’ll be surprised at how this book will allow you to realize that you do have most of the foods discussed in this book, but just didn’t know how to use them properly or don’t use them enough in your daily intake. You will definitely be inspired to use them more often after hearing about the wonder of these amazing foods! You will learn to love the idea of cooking for heart, health and youthful skin!


Also available on . So if you have a Nook—No PROBLEM!

Enjoy, and live healthy!

-The Talk Boss, Kecia Clarke

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