Shopping in Paris !

Part of the fun of shopping in Paris is indulging yourself just a little. Buy that special outfit, those gorgeous pair of shoes, getting something that will make you feel even more special. But many locals know how to make the most of their shopping trips especially during the months of June and July. If you want to do the same, you’ll need to learn the rules.  June and July are the months when the whole of Paris is on sale—Soldes!!!


Yes! That’s me, the Talkboss,  shopping in Paris!

Dress for Comfort

Summer shopping is a sport and those who dress comfortably will always come out ahead of those who dress up. That means dressing lightly and wearing shoes that are made for lots of walking. One of the main benefits of dressing comfort is that you spend less time in the fitting rooms. If the store is packed, the less time you take the better.

Get There Early

During the summer months, it’s good to have a strategy when you’re shopping. For example, if you go during the week, you’re less likely to get caught up in the frenzy. Some of the best times are in the morning hours. But be aware that some may take the day off from work so be prepared and have a backup plan if it becomes too hectic.

Shop at All Levels


Larger more classic stores like Galeries Lafayette are institutions. This particular shopping staple was founded in the 1890’s and has over 45,000 square feet of women’s designer clothing and shoes. You have not shopped in Paris until you have been to the Galeries Lafayette. However, take the time to check out the smaller boutiques and discount stores because there are treasures to be found in them as well.

Hit the Racks

Just because Paris is the mecca of fashion, doesn’t mean you have to pay full price.  Time out magazine has many articles on Paris shopping and I urge you to visit before your trip!   Visit  . One of the best ways to get stylish designer names without the price tag is to hit the discount racks. In some cases, you can get items as much as 80 percent off. So make sure you shop smart like the locals.

Find Your Balance

Depending on how long you’re in the city, you’re going to have to decide whether you want to shop for quality or price. If you wait until the last minute, you’ll score deep discounts but your choices will be limited. If you’re looking for quality, you will have more choices but you’ll have to pay. It’s all about which is more important to you.


Shopping around is a must. Read the fine print, look at the prices and even do some online comparisons. Getting the best deal means doing your homework and having a plan.

As always!  Live your best life!