The Olive Boutique Hotel is elegant and timeless in its décor. It is a small luxury hotel housing one of the best steak houses on the island of Puerto Rico!


This is a favorite to many frequent travelers to Puerto Rico. This ultra-chic restaurant is in the Olive Boutique Hotel and is one of Puerto Rico’s finest restaurants.  This is a steakhouse serving up steak and fish dishes coupled with mango, papaya and guava!  The Ahi Tuna Crab Pops are to die for! The crust on top is mouthwatering.

Pre-dinner drinks on rooftop of Olive Hotel in San Juan


Chillin on the streets of Old San Juan outside of the El Asador!

Where you can find the best seafood, meat cuts & Puerto Rican cuisine is a restaurant reminiscent of old century Europe—el Asador. It is stunningly romantic and private.  It is in a prime location near Old San Juan’s entrance, and right in the heart of the Old City’s nightlife.  Surrounded by cobblestone streets and other small eateries is a gem, a hidden gem.   Old San Juan is known for its beauty and nightlife and this restaurant sits in the middle of all the splendor!  This is a place for the sophisticated and discerning diner looking for exclusivity and wonderful food.   Whether you are looking for an early lunch, a romantic dinner, or even if you are looking to have a couple of drinks with friends, El Asador is your ultimate destination.



The Condado Vanderbilt Hotel

The hotel where luxury, elegance and style and pure sexiness exudes throughout!

Stepping into the luxurious hotel lobby of Condado Vanderbilt is like walking into an opulent past, where luxury, service and “old-world” attention to detail are evident at every turn. Serving up a brunch to die for with unlimited champagne dinks on the pool deck is a must do. The Dee jay is placing the latest R & B and pop hits like its 1999!  Everyone is simply living their best life on this pool deck!  And don’t worry, want to enjoy limitless champagne?  Grab a chaise and champagne bucket and bask in the sum til 4pm sipping your Bellini!    

Puerto Rico has its troubles right now because of the hurricane Maria but Puerto Ricans are resilient, and the island is as beautiful as ever!

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