Private Jets-Not Just for the Wealthy

So you want to travel on a private jet?  It’s cheaper than you think!

My newest book, Pages Between a Passport coming in September  will give great travel tips including the tips contained here!  So,  I thought I would share this  with you to create a buzz!

I did a photo shoot at the Essex County Airport in Fairfield, New Jersey and the experience was amazing!  While on the shoot, I inquired whether or not this particular airport chartered planes for a reasonable price and the answer was YES!!  For example, if you want to charter a private plane for you and your family to Martha’s Vineyard, your cost is $500.00 per person!   The only catch is that you have to fill the plane so if the plane holds 8 passengers , you must have 8 passengers.


Imagine no long security lines or TSA pat downs.  You pull up to a very nice lounge  area,  have a drink and then board the plane! All of this in about 15 minutes!  You can even bring your favorite pet! And no, Fido does not pay $500.00. The perks of flying on a private jet used to be something only the rich and famous enjoyed. But not anymore-and in some cases, you can fly on a private jet or plane for the cost of coach (or less) if you know how to shop smartly. If you are flexible to travel on last minute notice, you can fly private for as low $150.00!!   So be flexible and enjoy the ride.f hotels and hotel websites and offering last-minute deals on unused inventory.  Others are offering memberships for as little as $2000.00 per month for you to have the ability to travel at a whim to certain destinations an unlimited amount of times!  Many aviation companies are changing the cost structure of private plane travel to make it  more affordable for everyone.

jet444, which flies to more than 2,000 airports, groups private jet flights with empty seats to offer daily “next-day” deals. You can rent the entire plane — a max of 6 seats — starting at just $536 each way. That’s less than $90 per person. Woohoo!!!  And there is no need to fill the plane, so if you are travelling solo, it’s all good.

Fly On Your Terms With Delta Private Jets

Past deals have included a flight for six people from Oxford, Conn., to Philadelphia for $536.43 (that’s about $90 per person, which includes the 7.5% federal excise tax), a flight for four people from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for $499 (that’s about $124 per person); for four people from Orange County, Calif., to Chicago for $536 (that’s about $135 per person); and for six people from Teterboro (in New Jersey, near New York City) to Nassau, Bahamas, for $1,074 (that’s about $179 per person). (In all of the above cases, to get the per person rate, you must book all seats on the plane.)


Let’s face it, all of us dream of flying on a private jet at some time or another.  It’s actually doable now with the change in the way aviation companies are looking to get their planes  back to the original destination while still making a little money.  For example, if P. Diddy charters a flight to the Bahamas, that plane does not sit in the Bahamas during his holiday. That plane needs to get back to its original destination. So instead of flying empty, the aviation company offers super low rates so it can make some money while getttng the plane back. You get it!?  Wait…there’s more!

You may also get big last-minute deals, even when they aren’t advertised, by calling a private aviation company within a few days from when you want to depart and asking whether they have deals going on.  I know that we all like to have plans and flight information before hand, but if you just live a little and have your bag at the door, you will be sitting on a plane in a nice cushy seat with leg room galore and a glass of your favorite drink in no time!  Just do it once. Live your best life!   My book, How to Enrich your Life through Travel, encourages all to travel differently and to go outside of your   comfort zone to experience the extraordinary!  A plan to travel is not always the answer, but the will to travel will get you there every time.

So, I know some of you cannot pick up at the spur of the moment so there are other options but you will pay a little more. West Coast airline Surf Air offers unlimited private plane flights to and from roughly a dozen California and Nevada locales like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Santa Barbara for $1,750 per month (plus a one-time $1000 initiation fee); the airline operates up to 90 flights each day and it added Monterey, Calif., to its list of

Those living on the East Coast will soon be able to fly with Beacon, another monthly membership airline,  starting with 18-20 daily flights between New York and Boston, as well as seasonally in the Hamptons and Nantucket. Memberships start at $2,000 per month (plus a $1000 initiation fee, which will be waived if you join before Sept. 1, 2015).

For some, the math works out: if you take four or more flights on one of these airlines, those tickets could amount to less than the cost of coach or business class seats.

And FLITE Air Taxi offers a la carte private plane flights for reasonable rates: A flight from Boston to Saratoga, N.Y. costs $541 per person (you will need six people to fill the plane, so $3,250 for the whole flight), as does one from New York City to Martha’s Vineyard and from Block Island to Worcester, Mass.; this does not include federal excise taxes (7.5% of the cost of the flight) but does include other fees.

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Kecia Clarke