My book, Designed to Inspire, is Soon to be in Paperback!

Here’s why you should read this book!  Author’s Note:

WHERE WERE YOU WHEN…? IT’S A QUESTION THAT CAN DEFINE A GENERATION. Where were you when Pearl Harbor was attacked? When President Kennedy was assassinated? When the World Trade Center Towers fell?

The moments when collective shock grips society may stick in our minds with razor sharp accuracy. What we do and where we go afterward, however, may not be top of mind. For most, we go home. We seek the protection of wood and bricks, the assurance of familiar surroundings, the comfort of an embrace by those who share our space.


As the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks passed, I remembered the stunned silence at my law firm in Short Hills NJ. All I wanted was to be home.

I venture to say home is where most of us found solace that night, and it’s where we gained the strength to recover and move forward. I remember talking to a friend in my driveway. We both wept. Then we each wanted our children so badly, we both rushed to the schools to pick them up and bring them to a safe haven– home. Perhaps you’ll gain inspiration of a different kind after reading my book.

With this book, I hope my goal was reached. I desired to send you to dreamland with a plethora of guidance, explain how to place your furniture, offer examples of beautiful rooms functional spaces, and warm you for the season ahead with tips on fireplace design.  My goal: to help you make your home the place where your family wants to gather. I tell my children, about our home in West Orange,    “The fact that we’re together and happy as a family? That’s what makes this a home.”

Live Your Best Life!

Kecia Clarke  #talkboss