Home Décor –The Little Things That Matter!

If there’s one belief I hold true to my heart, it’s that interior design can truly turn your house into a home. (In fact, I’m even in the process of finalizing a whole book about it!) The furniture and decor you select for your house can really create a welcoming environment unique to your family so make sure you take your time considering the options; you might want to check out this website for inspiration – https://www.waysidefurniturehouse.com/. Most people watch interior design shows and read decor books, all focusing on the big things – the perfect couch, the perfect windows, the perfect lighting. While all those things are important to the look of your home, attention needs to be given to the smaller items that truly make a difference.

Have you ever noticed when you’re flipping through a furniture magazine that rooms seem a little too perfect – staged, really? Next time you see one of those photos, take a look at the photo closely. What is it missing? Do you see any candles? Stacks of magazines and books? Picture frames? A throw blanket thrown haphazardly over the back of a chair? Nothing?

It’s this cool, cold, lack of micro decor that might make for a nice house, but not a sanctuary.


Seriously, candles and essentials oils are so important. You spend so much time in your home, it should truly be a haven – at the very least, it should always smell like one. Don’t let the room get stale and smell drab. Open your windows occasionally, and above all, head over to your nearest candle shop, shopping mall, or even find some scents online and get your aroma on! You and your guests will love it!

Picture Frames

This may seem obvious, but some younger families really forget the importance of placing photographs around the home. There are so many ways to do this — on bookshelves, wall displays, side tables — there’s really no excuse not to. Bundle them all together, like atop your piano or fireplace. While the magazines and catalogs may have the perfectly upholstered loveseat, they will never have your smiling son’s kindergarten graduation photo or your cousin Anne’s wedding party snap!

Other Ideas?

Flowers & Succulents, vases, trinket boxes, floor poufs, antiques, homemade quilts, stacks of magazines — this list could go on forever! Travel treasures, as I call home goods purchased while traveling abroad, not only creates visual interest but are often a conversation starter at parties! Find items you just can’t live without like a console table at your front door for your important items you can’t leave your house without, and that homey feeling will come swooshing in!

What are your ideas for smaller decor items? Write in the comments below, I’m sure you’ll be helping another reader get inspiration!

As always, Live Abundantly,

Kecia Clarke, #TalkBoss