Decorate- One Item at a Time!!

Decorating a room in your home can be a daunting task so I am going to tell you some secrets to making it easier for you if your budget does not allow you to hire someone like me to help you!!

  1. Choose just one room to start with. Lets start with your family room or living room in this instance. Let’s also assume that your are redecorating the entire space. You want a fresh start. Go to a few fabric stores and pick out the fabric for your window treatments only. Be bold! Go for pattern and prints! Choose what you love!!! After selecting your fabric, tell the store you need someone to measure your window for the treatments. Show them pictures of window treatments you like. Be armed with that before going to store. That will help them determine the amount of fabric you have to purchase. Try to stick to discount fabric shops to save money! Alternatively, if you don’t have a budget then you may want to think about getting different style blinds. If you’re not sure on which ones you to buy then why don’t you take a look at these smooth stacking Roman Shades for inspiration. Happy shopping!


2. Using your selected fabric, choose upholstered pieces (couch, occasional chairs and ottomans). If you chose patterned fabric, choose one of the hues in your fabric unless you like neutral (think, beige, grey or black). Don’t be afraid to have pieces of a different color! So long as they match a hue in your window fabric you are good! So now you have your window treatments and your couch and other upholstered furniture.


3. Decorate Choose paint color!!! This is the fun part!!! Choose a paint color either using colors from your window swatch or go one or two shades darker or lighter than ANY color in the fabric. DO NOT — USE THE COUCH as BASIS FOR YOUR COLOR as the walls should contrast with the couch for best design. If you are going for a monochromatic look then stick to different shades of the same color.

4. Choose your case goods. This is the hard furniture (think coffee table, book cases, shelves etc.) Metals and woods are the most common! No rules here! Pick what you like, just be smart about scale! Don’t buy a huge table for small room! You need room to walk in! Size of the design objects is an important aspect of interior design. Small furniture seems trivial in a large room. Large furniture makes everything else seem unnatural when placed in small spaces. Assess the space you are working with and figure out the proper sizes of furniture you require.

5. Decorate with wall art and accessories– This can be tricky but fun to search for collectibles to add to your new room. Wall art should be centered and wherever you place the art-bring it lower. The center of the piece should be eye level when standing! Avoid the most common mistake of placing wall art too high. And if you want to get wall art that will really set off your room, you can look at online stores such as to see if they can meet your wall art needs. Have fun shopping for accessories and mirrors for your newly decorated room! For elegant home goods and lighting visit This is my online store and I am sure you will love my pieces! id3

Finally, it is good to have a starting point when you start designing. It really doesn’t matter what the focal point will be. It can be a lampshade, a painting, an exquisite table or a fireplace. The focal point draws attention to it, and it can be a design piece you want visitors in the home to admire. The focal point is an important aspect, as it can set the tone for the whole room and even impact the theme of your interior design efforts. For more on focal points and a tons of great decorating ideas, check out my bestselling book Designed to Inspire.

Take the time to figure out the look you want to accomplish with the interior design work. Browse through design magazines for ideas as well as websites for information and guidelines. and my pinterest boards are great sources of design inspiration.


id9 has beautiful designer lighting and home goods to choose from. Chandeliers, sconces and back lighting are essential to great design. Take a look at what UDL has to offer!

Have fun with your DIY! If it gets sticky, check out my book for the golden rules of interior design! Armed with this knowledge, you have the chance to create a stunning look that guests will be envious of.

As always, live your best life!