Recently , I decided to embark on a redecorating mission for my formal living room which is currently victorian style. I will create a hollywood swank piano room with black walls! The walls have been painted and I have to say, the room looks amazing with black walls! I can not wait to reveal this stunning room to you so you can see that black walls exude nothing but sheer elegance!

Black has never been a stranger to the world of interior design. It adorns sofas, desks, entertainment centers, tables and accessories. But consumers design savvy enough to take a risk do so with amazing results!

Black walls are the envy of many because it represents a style that many find unachievable. If you have been to a private residence where a black wall caught your eye, I bet an interior designer had something to do with it! Black walls are the trend right now and are here to stay! They compliment other trends such as a variety of lighting including these wall mounted industrial lights plus more!

Black is always chic, and though it’s dark, it is a neutral and goes with everything. Think of a black wall as the equivalent of the little black dress. Add accessories and the right shoes and your LBD is transformed into something special. Similarly, a room with black walls takes many forms and can really shine when paired with the proper elegant home goods and accessories.

Picking the right type of lighting for a black wall is very important, since it will absorb light. I like to use big, bold light fixtures that will have enough sparkle for an elegant effect. Think opulence! Hollywood glamour! Vintage chandeliers made with murano glass from Europe are extremely beautiful in a black room but can be quite costly but worth every penny!

Consider using high-gloss paint rather than a flat or eggshell finish, because glossy paint reflects light, multiplying it and adding sparkle to the room. From an accessories standpoint, go for pops of color against the black. Choose velvets, gold accents and jewel tones like emerald green , sapphire blue and bright fushias or purples.


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With this book, I desired to provide you a plethora of guidance, explain how to place your furniture, offer examples of beautiful rooms functional spaces, and warm you for the season ahead with tips on fireplace design. My goal: to help you make your home the place where your family wants to gather. I tell my children, about our home in West Orange, “The fact that we’re together and happy as a family? That’s what makes this a home.”

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Kecia Clarke #talkboss

Written by Kecia Clarke