My Mission
To inspire others to live abundantly by loving what they do and doing what they love to attain true happiness despite life’s challenges.

Kecia Clarke is an author, television personality, licensed interior decorator, travel agent and fitness/wellness advocate. She is also an accomplished attorney, as seen on HLN, Fox News, CNN, Fox Business News, among others. She inspires everyone to live his or her best life despite life’s inevitable obstacles. She exudes living life to its fullest in every way possible. Driven by her passions, Kecia is a lifestyle expert with a mission to “inspire abundant living.” She touches the lives of many through her books, public appearances, editorial columns, interior design work, and as a brand ambassador. Kecia has authored five lifestyle books: Designed to Inspire, Fitness is a Way of Life, Divorce without Drama (A Woman’s Guide to Healthy Divorce), How to Enrich Your Life Through Travel (Release Your Inner Gypsy), and Fabulous Foods for Health and Healing. Her sixth tome is already in the works.

Fitness & Wellness Advocate

fitness_1Looking and feeling good is a way of life for Kecia. Weight training and clean eating are paramount to healthful living. Starting from within, Kecia advocates for eating healthy foods as much as possible for disease prevention and lifelong wellness. By simply adding food to your diet enriched with antioxidants and nutrients most people can avoid life-threatening illnesses. Combined with a weight training regimen customized for your fitness level, anyone can maintain a healthy lifestyle and fit body. Her books Fabulous Foods for Health and Healing will tell you about the foods that save lives and how they do it and Fitness is a Way of Life will motivate you to get and stay in shape for benefits beyond getting back into your “skinny” jeans.


Interior Design Expert

designer_1Through Kecia Clarke Interiors, her custom interior design work is featured in many modern luxury homes from traditional to contemporary. She approaches no project the same to ensure that the budget and attention to detail fits the needs of her client. Whether it is for simple hourly consultations for a single room to complete full service interior design, each of her projects represent a style and flair most people would never imagine on their own. She often uses her clients’ personal photos, treasured items and favorite travel collectibles to create the perfect room. Through her lighting and home accessories company she personally selects unique lighting and décor options for any taste allowing the masses to tap into her home design aesthetic.


travel_1Travel Expert

Having traveled the world extensively throughout Europe, the Caribbean and North America, Kecia has gained a wealth of knowledge and insight into great vacation getaways from the most luxurious to the most budget-friendly destinations. From the Bahamas where you can sample the best conch salad to Ibiza, Spain boasting the most beautiful beaches to ever be seen, Kecia shares her insights regarding culture, dining and accommodations based on most budgets. Cruising to exotic destinations is a specialty since she has sailed on numerous cruises with the number one cruise company in the industry.

Kecia’s enthusiasm for travel is evident in the excitement she exudes when discussing prospective travel destinations to others. Her warm and inviting descriptions of her travel experiences are so robust with detail that most people are compelled to book their trip to her suggested destinations as soon as possible. In most cases, if you have thought to travel to a locale, Kecia has probably been there. She can advise and discuss, at length, anyone’s dream vacation, no matter what budget! Kecia’s travel motto is “Traveling on a dime doesn’t mean you give up luxury, it means more vacations!”

Kecia Clarke is a Lifestyle Expert Who Inspires Abundant Living Beyond the Norm.