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Part 2 – All the Single Mommies! Enjoy all the Pride!

Being a single mom has its advantages! If parents are willing to put the children first, there are usually some positive things to come out of being  a single mom.

They grow closer to their Single Mom

Being a daddy’s girl is great and all; but my daughter and I have formed a closer bond than ever!  We talk more… about everything. I often come home to find her sleeping in my bed. Sometimes I frown. But most times I savor this moment. She has become very close to me since the divorce. We spend far more time together than before and interestingly enough, she’s learning who I am as a woman and not just a mom.Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day Month Single Mom, I See You!

Dear Single Mom,

First I want to say that this blog was inspired by an article in the Huffington Post. That article specifically addressed single moms by circumstance. That is, it didn’t consider the moms who are single mothers by choice. After reading the many comments addressing that fact, I felt I needed to address the single mom who chooses to be a single mom-for whatever reason.  This is part one of a two part blog. My next blog will discuss the magnificence of single parenting and the different, but oh so positive, impact on your child!


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