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Work for Strong, Not Skinny!

Hey everyone! As you might know, I’m a big advocate of weight training. Still, so many women today believe they’ll get “too buff” from lifting a few dumbbells. (Sorry ladies, but no one stumbles into a kettle bell and ‘accidentally’ gets too much muscle.) It takes a long time and a lot of work to develop that kind of physique, and you can always look into something like breast implants in Baltimore if you feel that you’re starting to look too masculine, then you can have the figure you want as well as formidable strength. I thought I’d compile some of the top reasons weight training NEEDS to be a part of every gal’s workout routine. After all, no one wants skinny, we all yearn for fit!

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Aging Beautifully! You Are What You Eat.

We’ve all heard the old adage, “You are what you eat.” But what about the connection between your food and your face?

There are clear signs of aging that everyone recognizes! Yellowing or graying teeth, yellow eyeballs, crepe neck and more.  What if I told you , you could eat  your way to a more youthful look by eating the right foods containing the right ingredients!

The same phytochemicals, vitamins, nutrients and minerals that keep your insides in the pink are equally essential for clear skin, bright smiles, strong nails and clear eyes. Let’s slow down the aging process by eating for health and youth!  If you want to look your absolute gorgeous best, keep these diet guidelines in mind: Go ahead, click the button for exciting news!

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