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Create a Future you Deserve in 2017!

Your thoughts become things! Imagine a world where you could use your mind to bring things into existence. Why not change your thinking for the new year!  Simply by thinking the right thoughts, you could practice conscious creation and start getting the things that you want. Does that sound unbelievable or impossible? Well, the truth is that we already live in such a world, and your mind is already attracting the things that you have in your live, good or bad.


Let’s create a wonderful future for ourselves! Most people try to deny that they are responsible for the bad things in their lives, but it’s true. The good news is that most of this bad stuff isn’t really their fault. Those two ideas may sound contradictory. After all, how can they be responsible for the bad but have it not be their fault?

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Kecia Clarke, TalkBoss

Successful Women never worry about what others are doing. We are too busy building an empire and creating  multiple streams of income!

Let’s Deck the Halls for Christmas!

If you are anything like me, decorating for Christmas can be a daunting task but the results of my labor are worth the joy on my children’s faces when they see the results!  Decorating your home can be fun if you just think outside the box! Since Christmas is right around the corner, check out these ideas sure to delight and spark more of the Christmas spirit! Wreaths, garland, trees and ribbons, ornaments and lights! Oh my!elegant-christmas-decorations-32

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