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Decorate your Office for Success!

The world’s most successful people create success by investing  a considerable amount of their time doing what they love. They go to an office each day to  work on their hustle and grind. I do it every day! They are loving what they do and doing what they love! The most successful have learned to become prosperous off their passions. Passion pays! Some may call it work but they call it passion.  Nonetheless, they spend considerable time at their desk or in their office. Many of them are bound to their offices; even their work stations reflect their personalities much better than their homes.  personally, I rather Continue reading

Visiting Venice for your Italy Vacation

If you go on a vacation in Italy it is almost necessary that you visit Venice. Everyone who has ever been to Italy has an almost classic picture of them in a “vaporetti” or a “gondola” with a canal for a backdrop. I am excited to add that in a few weeks, I will have the opportunity to visit Milan and Venice with my daughter. See my article, veniceThis famous Italian city found in the north is also sometimes known as the city of water, the city of bridges and the city of lights. Vaporetti are motorized buses used by Venetians for transportation around the city’s canals while the gondola is a Venetian boat that is now used mostly by tourists and sometimes for weddings or funerals. The city is made up of several small islands, 118 to be exact hence the need for water transportation and the many bridges.

There are 150 canals and 400 bridges. There are also several art galleries and all together these make for an exciting experience when you are on an Italy vacation. You can click here to find activities and things you may like to experience while taking a vacation in Venice.

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The Law Of Attraction- Prosperity Consciousness

If you are not familiar with things like the law of attraction, then the term “prosperity consciousness” probably sounds foreign to you. Generally speaking, it is composed of two distinct but harmonious concepts. First, it conveys the idea of prosperity, which is to say that there is more than enough abundance for everybody. Second, it conveys the idea of thinking and awareness, and that’s what makes it possible for anybody to discover ways of bringing prosperity into their life.


Have you ever noticed that some people always seem to get everything that they want?Continue reading

Mind Creation- Bring Your Thoughts Into Existence


Your thoughts become things! Imagine a world where you could use your mind to bring things into existence. Simply by thinking the right thoughts, you could practice conscious creation and start getting the things that you want. Does that sound unbelievable or impossible? Well, the truth is that we already live in such a world, and your mind is already attracting the things that you have in your live, good or bad.



Most people try to deny that they are responsible for the bad things in their lives, but it’s true. The good news is that most of this bad stuff isn’t really their fault. Those two ideas may sound contradictory. After all, how can they be responsible for the bad but have it not be their fault?

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