Daily Archives: August 29, 2016

Private Jets-Not Just for the Wealthy

So you want to travel on a private jet?  It’s cheaper than you think!

My newest book, Pages Between a Passport coming in September  will give great travel tips including the tips contained here!  So,  I thought I would share this  with you to create a buzz!

I did a photo shoot at the Essex County Airport in Fairfield, New Jersey and the experience was amazing!  While on the shoot, I inquired whether or not this particular airport chartered planes for a reasonable price and the answer was YES!!  For example, if you want to charter a private plane for you and your family to Martha’s Vineyard, your cost is $500.00 per person!   The only catch is that you have to fill the plane so if the plane holds 8 passengers , you must have 8 passengers.

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