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Private Jets-Not Just for the Wealthy

So you want to travel on a private jet?  It’s cheaper than you think!

My newest book, Pages Between a Passport coming in September  will give great travel tips including the tips contained here!  So,  I thought I would share this  with you to create a buzz!

I did a photo shoot at the Essex County Airport in Fairfield, New Jersey and the experience was amazing!  While on the shoot, I inquired whether or not this particular airport chartered planes for a reasonable price and the answer was YES!!  For example, if you want to charter a private plane for you and your family to Martha’s Vineyard, your cost is $500.00 per person!   The only catch is that you have to fill the plane so if the plane holds 8 passengers , you must have 8 passengers.

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Vacation is over ! Now what?

Getting back to your hustle and grind after a fabulous vacation!

 As an American, you could potentially spend the rest of your life on vacation and still make a good living. But the truth is, few of us actually do this. Instead, we work hard, take time off  when we can, and then return to work to tell the tales of our adventure to all.

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So here’s some advice on a smooth transition from cocktails on the beach to  the rat race!!

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