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Dear Single Mom- I See You

Dear Single Mom,

First I want to say that this blog was inspired by a recent article in the Huffington Post. That article specifically addressed single moms by circumstance. That is, it didn’t consider the moms who are single mothers by choice. After reading the many comments addressing that fact, I felt I needed to address the single mom who chooses to be a single mom-for whatever reason.  This is part one of two parts. My next blog will discuss the magnificence of single parenting and the different, but oh so positive, impact on your child!

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Where Were You When…?

Here’s why you should read this book!  Author’s Note:

WHERE WERE YOU WHEN…? IT’S A QUESTION THAT CAN DEFINE A GENERATION. Where were you when Pearl Harbor was attacked? When President Kennedy was assassinated? When the World Trade Center Towers fell?Continue reading