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Decorate- One Item at a Time!!

Decorating a room in your home can be a daunting task so I am going to tell you some secrets to making it easier for you if your budget does not allow you to hire someone like me to help you!!

  1. Choose just one room to start with. Lets start with your family room or living room in this instance. Let’s also assume that your are redecorating the entire space. You want a fresh start. Go to a few fabric stores and pick out the fabric for your window treatments only. Be bold! Go for pattern and prints! Choose what you love!!! After selecting your fabric, tell the store you need someone to measure your window for the treatments. Show them pictures of window treatments you like. Be armed with that before going to store. That will help them determine the amount of fabric you have to purchase. Try to stick to discount fabric shops to save money! Alternatively, if you don’t have a budget then you may want to think about getting different style blinds. If you’re not sure on which ones you to buy then why don’t you take a look at these smooth stacking Roman Shades for inspiration. Happy shopping!

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Divorce is a complex process. Those involved face legal, financial and psychological challenges, all while managing the everyday demands of work and parenting. Based on my many years of experience as a matrimonial lawyer, I have found that these 17 mistakes can be the most damaging to your case. Avoiding them can help guarantee good outcome, while helping you on your way to healing and fewer regrets.

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