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Eating Clean through the Cold

Don’t let the fact that you can wear bulky clothing allow you to eat all the goodies you desire! No way. A treat here and there is ok,  but stick your guns. Look at your body each morning in the mirror. Do you smile? If not, your eating is the culprit. We all know to eat our veggies and steer clear of the salt shaker, but what about those foods that actually prevent illnesses and diseases? You don’t have to worry about taking 10 supplements a day. In fact, these 6 surprising foods that prevent illness are probably already in your kitchen!Continue reading

Decorating for the Fall on a Budget

kecia topiary

Fall is here! — it’s time to fill your home with the sights and scents of fall. The stores and internet are filled with beautiful inspiration, but there’s only one problem: You don’t have a ton of money to spend on fall decorating. Here are some great ways to decorate for fall on a budget.

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The Local Talk Newspaper Names Talk Boss Kecia Clarke as Lifestyle Editor

I am honored to be a part of a magazine style newspaper sure to ignite engagement and conversation  in Newark , New Jersey and its vicinity!  As lifestyle editor, I will be responsible for shaping the voice and direction of all lifestyle coverage! I’ll tell you the best place to get crab cakes or a great bottle of wine.  Where are the best gyms?   Where can you get shrimp and grits? Where is the best place for clean eating? I’ll let you in on the best kept secrets!

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Choose to Be Happy!

Happiness is a choice! Choose to be happy!

Exhausted? Sad? Frustrated? Bummed out? We’ve all been there. If today is one of those days, I’ve created this list to help you put a spring back in your step and a smile on your face.Continue reading

Cool Decorating with Pumpkins!

Anybody who knows me will tell you I truly enjoy decorating my home for the holidays and seasons!  After partying all September for my birthday, I rejoice in knowing that soon I get to pull out my cartons of Autumn Harvest and Halloween décor! While my kids do not help decorating at all, they do enjoy my efforts and actually look forward to the change in each room! My rooms are inspiring and create a sense of warmth during this time of year.  Check out my inspiring ideas !Continue reading