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Gotta read this! You Can Attract Abundance-This World Is Filled With Desire And Need

You attract abundance by creating  evidence of abundance before you actually have that abundance. You can start retraining your brain to see evidence in two main ways. Soak up success stories of those people who already have the things you want. This will program your mind to see that these things are truly possible. The other thing you can do is surround yourself with pictures of those same things. By doing that you will get visual reminders that these things exist, and are there for you as well.Continue reading

Wedding Season is Approaching! Read This Before You Tie the Knot.

So, you’ve finally met the woman or man of your dreams. Now, it seems the next logical step is to get married. After all, you’re in love, and that’s all you need to handle whatever curves life may throw your way. You will handle it together because it seems fun and exciting. However, with so many people divorcing these days (60% of all marriages end in divorce), it’s more important than ever to take the time to consider whether you are truly ready to devote yourself to a life-long commitment. You may think that you are ready for marriage, but once you start living your life as a married couple, this could all change. And you actually find that it is not working and it could be time to potentially consider looking into a DIVORCE ATTORNEY to help put an end to your marriage. No one wants to live an unhappy life, so make sure that you consider all factors before even considering marriage so that you never need to get a divorce. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be married for better or for worse— no way. And what does that mean anyway? And if you are a gold digger, do you stay married for richer or for poorer? LOL and SMH! Gold diggers will put up with a lot of crap but being broke is not one of them! Gold diggers will stay no matter what. They will put up with your cheating, alcoholism, excessive spending and other bad habits. As long as your money is long, they will stay.Continue reading