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Should NFL Players Be Allowed to Smoke Weed?

The #Talkboss says perhaps…for the right reasons. In 2012, it became legal for adults in Colorado and Washington to possess and consume marijuana. But what about the players for the Denver Broncos and Colorado Seahawks? One journalist put it like this — If the fans can go to a game and get a bud light or smoke a bud at home while watching the game, why is it that the players can’t enjoy a little bud to relieve pain, reduce stress and relax muscles? Especially if they were to use something like full spectrum CBD oil to relieve aches and pains with great efficiency.Continue reading

Should Ray Rice be permitted entry in PTI program?

The #Talkboss says yes. Despite social media criticism of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice’s admission to a pretrial intervention program (PTI)  for attacking his fiancée in an Atlantic City, N.J., casino elevator,  his admission is permissible after a review of all the factors. rice image There are those that oppose his admission into such a program which permits the charges to disappear after one year of good behavior. Continue reading

New Jersey Lawyer Suspended for Three Months After Calling Opposing Counsel the “F” Word

A New Jersey lawyer who called opposing counsel a “fag” and said he whined “like a little girl” and needed to “grow a pair” has been suspended for three months.

The New Jersey Supreme Court  recently suspended Flemington, N.J. based solo Jared Stolz for repeated name-calling and for allegedly lying to a judge about never receiving necessary documents from his adversary. Continue reading

Stop Planning for a Wedding! Plan for the Marriage to Avoid Divorce!

So, you’ve finally met the woman or man of your dreams. Now, it seems the next logical step is to get married. After all, you’re in love, and that’s all you need to handle whatever curves life may throw your way. You will handle it together because it seems fun and exciting. However, with so many people divorcing these days (60% of all marriages end in divorce), it’s more important than ever to take the time to consider whether you are truly ready to devote yourself to a life-long commitment.Continue reading