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Top 5 Items the Most Successful People Have on their Desk

The world’s most successful people invest a considerable amount of their time doing what they love. They go to an office each day to  work on their hustle and grind. They are loving what they do and doing what they love! The most successful have learned to become prosperous off their passions. Some may call it work but they call it passion.  Nonetheless, they spend considerable time at their desk or in their office. Many of them are bound to their offices; even their work stations reflect their personalities much better than their homes.Continue reading

10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Whoa! Soon we are going to be in the cold times of winter and snowfall.   While I do not like winter, let alone love it, I do know fun ways to beat the winter blues. After all, we have no choice unless we can leave the northeast for warmer weather.  Most of cannot—so, here are the ways to be happy in the coldest months of the year!  You don’t have to feel awful in winter months.

Experts claim that those that suffer from seasonal affect disorder don’t have to.
There are plenty of activities, apart from winter sports, that can help you beat the winter blues.Continue reading

Shopping in Paris!

Part of the fun of shopping in Paris is indulging yourself just a little. Buy that special outfit, those gorgeous pair of shoes, getting something that will make you feel even more special. But many locals know how to make the most of their shopping trips especially during the months of June and July. If you want to do the same, you’ll need to learn the rules.  June and July are the months when the whole of Paris is on sale—Soldes!!!Continue reading

10 minute workout

The procrastinators, the super-busy, and the easily bored in pursuit of a manageable fitness routine WILL find what they seek in the 10-minute workout. This workout consists of no rest. You keep moving for just 10 minutes and the results will show so long as you remain consistent!  Experts say what these short bursts of activity, sometimes called exercise snacking, lack in duration they can make up for in intensity.Continue reading

Villas in Positano, Italy

Vacationing in a villa in Positano is one of the most memorable experiences anyone can have. Stacked, multicolored houses in a variety of sun-kissed shades of brick red, warm peach and even subtle pinks are what make Positano the prize of the Amalfi coast. Steeply and securely, they cling to the cliffs creating one of the most photogenic and easily recognized locations in Italy.Continue reading

Credit Checks For NEW Employees???????

The Talk Boss says…
First, a prospective employees may have late payments because he needs a job. So why would his credit rating prevent him from getting a job? Second, and more importantly, an individual’s credit rating has little or no correlation with his or her ability to succeed at the new job. People should compete on the merits, not on whether they already have money to pay their bills.Continue reading

Should mug shots of arrestees be released to the public prior to an actual conviction????

The Talk Boss says absolutely not. Public distribution of mug shots, especially through the internet, can damage personal relationships and job prospects for those who may ultimately be found not guilty of committing any crime. But by then it’s too late. Relationships are ruined and job prospects are lost. It’s bad enough that if employed in the public sector, you can be suspended without pay pending disposition of the criminal proceedings, if arrested. So here’s good news… New Jersey recently passed legislation to restrict the release of mug shots to the public absent a conviction. That means your mug shot will not be blasted across the internet unless and until you are convicted.Continue reading