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Wise up Janay Rice! The World Has Seen Your A$$!

Running back Ray Rice was released by the Baltimore Ravens and suspended indefinitely by the NFL today after a shocking video released by TMZ shows the NFL star knocking out his future wife and then treating her lifeless body with such disdain and disrespect that everyone should be shocked…and disgusted.

NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, had originally given Rice a two-game ban which stirred much controversy as being too lenient. After seeing Rice’s disgusting criminal display on video, he had no choice but to heighten the punishmentContinue reading

HLN Prediction Is Correct –Renisha McBride’s Killer is Convicted of Murder

During my appearance on HLN’S On the Case recently, I predicted that Theodore Wafer, 55, would not be convicted of first degree murder; but Murder in the second degree. My prediction was correct. In fact, fellow HLN legal expert, Joey Jackson agreed.

Early on Nov 2, 2013, Ms. McBride, 19, arrived at Mr. Wafer’s front porch after a night that began with drinking and smoking marijuana. While driving just before 1 a.m., she hit a parked car within the Detroit city limits, left the scene of the crash bleeding from her injuries. About a mile later, and a few hours later, she comes across Mr. Wafer’s home where she pounded on the front and side doors of his house desperately seeking help.Continue reading

Home Décor –The Little Things That Matter!

If there’s one belief I hold true to my heart, it’s that interior design can truly turn your house into a home. (In fact, I’m even in the process of finalizing a whole book about it!) The furniture and decor you select for your house can really create a welcoming environment unique to your family so make sure you take your time considering the options; you might want to check out this website for inspiration – Most people watch interior design shows and read decor books, all focusing on the big things – the perfect couch, the perfect windows, the perfect lighting. While all those things are important to the look of your home, attention needs to be given to the smaller items that truly make a difference.Continue reading