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Get out of Your Funk!!!!

5 Ways to Overcome Mental Roadblocks:

The Definitive Bad Day Pick-Me Up List

Exhausted? Sad? Frustrated? Bummed out? We’ve all been there. If today is one of those days, I’ve created this list to help you put a spring back in your step.Continue reading

Mother Can Keep Father Out of Delivery Room, N. J. Judge Holds

A putative father has no right to be notified that the expectant mother is in labor nor to be present in the delivery room if the mother objects, a New Jersey Judge says in an apparent case of first impression nationwide.

Ruling in a dispute between estranged, unmarried parents, Superior Court Judge Sohail Mohammed held that a woman’s right to privacy and to control her body during pregnancy allows her to shut the father out.Continue reading

Bill Would End Child Support at 19 But Allow Recipient To Petition

Currently, in most states, child support does not terminate automatically. A paying parent would have to file emancipation papers with court, notify the other parent and then the court wiould decide if the child should be emancipated. This is necessary because most states do not emancipate a child who attends college immediately following high school. A college student is deemed to still need support from both parents.Continue reading