Easter and Spring Tablescape Ideas!

Spring is in the air and Easter is around the corner , so let’s  change up our tablescapes! The more tables you have the better! Spring is the season that is long expected by everyone. So now that spring seems to finally be here, how about bringing spring into your home? Allow the feeling of warmth and rebirth to flow through your sanctuary.


What  better way than to change up our tablescapes throughout the home. Your kitchen, diningroom and foyer tables are there waiting to be decorated for the new season! So let’s look at some ideas I just love!



Make use of your chandeliers and hang Easter eggs and green foliage to realy make a statement!

Since Easter is almost here, why not also incorporate that into the main theme? Nothing captures the beauty of this season better than fresh green grass. You can also create a more eye-catching arrangement using bold colors  Tulips and Lilies are especially beautiful so why not include them in your arrangement as well? You could create a flower-themed décor for your table using pastel colors for a chic look. Don’t forget the fireplace mantel!



Combine simple flowers with different colors to obtain a charming centerpiece or mantle design. Instead of colorful flowers you could also opt for an all-green décor. You can use egg shells to make some very lovely centerpieces for the table.



With a bowl, some soil, moss and fresh plants you can add color and freshness to your table. The bolder and brighter the colors are, the stronger the visual effect is. It’s not just the table that you need to have in mind but also everything around it. Combine pastel shades with bright colors for a balanced effect.  Be playful! It’s spring!



It could also be a good idea to consider using fresh vegetables for the centerpiece. A wooden planter with green grass would have a strong visual impact despite its simplicity.  This is elegant and sophisticated.


Use wine glasses as vases for the table and fill them with flower bouquets. An ingenious idea would be to make flowers out of fabric and use them as table centerpieces. Put white flowers in white vases for a diaphanous effect. Also, the white and green combo is very beautiful and elegant. You can paint metal cans and turn them into vases or planters for the centerpieces


Transparent glass vases allow you to admire the whole arrangement. You can use two vases and put the smaller one inside the other.

Take the time to shop for things that excite your senses and get creative! Buy window decals of bunnies, carrots and grass! Sure to make you smile in the morning!


Happy Spring decorating!

As always, live your best life!