10 Domestic Beaches You Must See! Let’s Beach!

  • 10Beach at Panama City, Florida


panama beach

Don’t always think Miami or Ft. Lauderdale or even St. Pete’s! Panama City bears them all by far! Great hotels on the water offer luxury lifestyle!  Don’t go in March though. Too young of a crowd!  Plenty to do other than dine and beach so bring the kids! Or not!

  • 9 Augustine Beach, Florida

st augustine beach


Experience the beauty of a St. Augustine sunset from the air on a guided helicopter tour.  Fly over the oldest city and see a fabulous sunset. It is so romantic to see St. Augustine from above!  A perfect way to propose or celebrate an anniversary or honeymoon!

Read more about St. Augustine Sunset Helicopter Tour – St Augustine | Viator at: https://www.viator.com/tours/St-Augustine/St-Augustine-Sunset-Helicopter-Tour/d823-2982_1?pub=vcps

Jupiterimages via Getty Images

  • 8La Jolla Shores, California

la jolla beach


This soft sand beach is great for swimming, surfing and sunbathing. Explore the surrounding area’s shops and restaurants, visit the sea lions at nearby La Jolla Cove, and enjoy.

  • 7Pensacola Beach, Florida

pen beach

The soft sand and shallow waters of Pensacola Beach are perfect for sea frolicking!  Head here with the kids for the perfect family vacation!

  • 6Ka’anapali Beach, Hawaii

hawaii beach


Ka’anapali is located on Maui. The sand is soft, warm and white. You can view humpback whales swimming through the channel during Hawaii’s whale season. This beach is a must-see when visiting Maui.

  • 5Wai’anapanapa State Park, Hawaii


Alexander Hafemann via Getty Images

This State Park on Maui is best known for its black sand beach. The striking color of the sand and the warm blue water make it the perfect place for a selfie!

  • 4Saint Pete Beach, Florida


This area of Florida’s west coast is known for its near-constant sunshine. Take advantage of the extra vitamin D by trying out the wide variety of ocean activities Saint Pete has to offer.

  • 3Siesta Beach, Florida

siest beach

Beautiful soft sand and an incredible sunset! Enough said!  Oh this beach is huge so you can spread out!

  • 2Lanikai Beach, Hawaii


hawaii beach

This beach sits on Oahu’s windward side in charming Kailua. It is a perfect beach for paddle boarders and kayakers. Not to mention they make the beach all the more majestic.

  • 1Clearwater Beach, Florida

florida beach


This long expanse of pristine white sand is Florida’s crown jewel. The calm and clear water makes it an ideal beach for all ages and there are plenty of activities in the surrounding area.

Traveling is a fundamental necessity in life,  I believe.  I often say, “to travel is to live”. You see, traveling inspires thought, creativity, and a desire to see more of the world. It can change your perspective on life because you see other cultures and meet people of all nationalities. You become more understanding and more tolerant. You evolve as a person and return feeling renewed and refreshed.  Your stories will create smiles on others and evoke memories never to be forgotten.  Vacations are the best! We all need to take a vacation,  so visit one these domestic beaches and have a ball!

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